Fitness (Training & Classes)

Wherever you are on your health and fitness journey, our Exercise Specialists will guide you to achieve success. From individual and small group training to our fitness classes, we offer a variety of options to build a training program around your specific lifestyle and goals. 

Private Training (All Ages)
  • Individual Personal Training

  • Want to squat deeper? Run faster? Train harder? Whether you are looking to get into or stay in peak condition, our team of Exercise Specialists will create a customized, one on one, total body strength and conditioning program that strives to help get you moving and stay moving!

  • Small Group Training
  • All the focus of personal training but with a small group (2-3 people)
  • Sports-Specific Team Training
  • Hoping to set a new PR or enhance your current athletic performance? Using programming developed by our Exercise Specialists, our sports specific training aims to give our athletes a competitive edge and reduce their risk of injury. We support athletes of all ages and levels!


Inclusive Fitness Training (All Ages)

Adults with disabilities are more likely to lead a sedentary lifestyle. Living with a disability and not getting adequate exercise can increase the risk of onsetting chronic disease. Our Inclusive Fitness Training promotes a healthier and more active lifestyle to minimize further health risks. One on one or small group training available.

Mobility (Adult)

Mobility refers to the amount of range of motion a person has within their body. Mobility is important for one’s health and daily function, not only because it is linked with reducing the risk for injury, but it can keep you active for years to come! Our mobility program focuses on maximizing your movement safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Strong Bones (Adult)

Keeping your bones strong is a smart goal at any age; however, by the time we reach age 40, we slowly begin to lose bone mass. Additionally, certain medical conditions can increase the risk for developing osteopenia or osteoporosis. Our Strong Bones program focuses on appropriate loading of muscles and joints to help maintain healthy bone density.

Intro to Weights (Youth & Adult)

Designed to give clients the opportunity to learn weight training concepts and techniques used for obtaining optimal physical fitness. Beginning with body weight resistance, we will teach fundamental movements such as the squat, hinge, lunge, press, etc., prior to performing loaded variations. The goal of our youth class is to teach our youth clients proper form to ensure confidence and correct technique with weightlifting as they mature.The goal of the adult class is to empower clients to walk into any weight room and feel confident that they can exercise safely and effectively.

Fall Prevention (Adult)

Falls are common and can be costly, but falls are preventable and do not have to be an inevitable part of aging. Our falls prevention program focuses on improving your balance to keep you safe during all your daily activities.

Youth Athlete Program (Ages 9-13 & Ages 14-18)

Proper fundamentals of athletic movement help reduce the risk of injury while playing sports. With this class, we aim to provide vital information on the importance of a dynamic warm up prior to activities, proper stretching and mobility techniques for the entire body, and appropriate strength and balance exercises that will help with the optimal function of your athletic ability. Classes will be split according to age group.